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17th Sep,Thu,2009
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Raja mahendra pratap (PETER PEER PRATAP)




Born on the 1st Dec,1886 at Mursan,as the third son of Raja Ghanshiam Singh.At the age of three he was adopted as a son and heir by Raja Harnarain singh of Hathras who lived in Vrindavan,land of Lord Krishna.He educated at the M.A.O. College now known as the famous Aligarh Muslim University. Married at Sangrur,Jind Estate with younger sister of Maharaja Ranbir Singh.Thus married with Sikh religion.Hindu, Muslim and Sikh religion were united in him hence he was named Peter Peer Pratap .
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Important Events

1886 Born on 1st dec.1886

1907- Took a world tour with his wife where they visited 17 countries    

1909- Gave away his residence and five villages for the purpose of technical education which was named Prem Maha Vidhalaya.

1914 Left his estate and started the path towards freedom.

1915 Formed the first govt.outside india in afghanistan.      

1916 Establishment of Prem dharam

1918 Met Kaiser Wilhelm 2 of Germany.

1919 Met V.I.Lenin on the way to Russia

1929 Launched the famous "World Federation" from Berlin..

1946 Returned to india after 32 years of exile

1957-62 Became the member of pariament from Mathura

1979 Passed away on 29th april  For More

Essays from the Exile

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The book named Raja Mahendra pratap in Hindi hindi written by Dr.Ompal singh Tugania has been launched.It is the first complete hindi version.To order a copy click here.

Prem Maha Vidhyalaya . It was founded on May 24th 1909 by Raja mahendra Pratap singh. He converted his own residence into a technical school which stood beautifully on the bank of river Yamuna in the holy land of Vrindavan. PMV was one of its own kind and one of the first polytechnic institution in India

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FAMILY.This is the picture of Georgiana,my grand mother.She went back to England when my father was 6 and we still have not been able to find out about her.If any one has any information please do get in touch.

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Freedom : The first provisinal govt. was formed in exile in Afghanistan in 1915. To know more

Aligarh Vrindavan Hathras Mursan

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